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Alimony and Spousal Support

Marriage is a bond between two persons of different kinds. Thousands of marriages take place in a day all over the world. Many of these marriages are successful and many of them don’t. The reason behind this fact is that it is inside human nature that he/she has the ability to like and dislike anything in his/her life. So people that are having a successful marriage life involves many factors in it that include care , sacrifice , good communication , trust , love , passion , respect and helping other in every aspect of life whereas unsuccessful marriages include factors like intense fights , lack of spontaneity , not accepting each other , no trust and disliking each other habits. These unsuccessful marriages many of the times leads to divorce. Divorce is a type of written agreement which dissolves the relation between a couple. Many of the questions arise about this divorce. One of which is alimony, also called spousal support.

Alimony is basically a legal obligation on a person to provide financial support to his/her spouse after the mutual separation or divorce. In simple words , a person after getting a divorce has to financially support his/her partner , so that he/she should not face any financial problems after divorce. This obligation arises from the divorce law of each country.  During divorce , temporary alimony can be granted and when the divorce becomes final , then it depends upon the divorce attorneys whether alimony is demanded or not.

Attorney is a lawyer or any person that takes the place of another in legal contexts. These contexts can include different cases including alimony. So if different legal issues are to be demanded that can be the custody of the child , property related issues , or any other , then the divorce attorneys should be consulted and told about these issues clearly. So, consulting a divorce attorney is a very much important step of alimony. In this way , a proper alimony can be demanded in the divorce proceedings.

Alimony is not a child support that is provided by the person , so that child can supported by paying money .But is actually the financial support to his/her spouse.

Often spouse disagrees about alimony and in that case court should be asked to decide about that matter. The judge in the court would look all the situations and the factors that include age of the couple , mental and physical conditions of the couple , circumstances leading to separation , his/her ability to support you , living standards before divorce and many other factors. Also alimony can be changed / modified after the divorce if there has been a change in circumstances. Also length of the alimony is important to decide between the two and if the person does not agree with the length then again the judge in the court would decide about the length of the alimony. If a person marries again and alimony is still in progress then the other person can also demand the end of the alimony to the court.  

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